History Challenge: Napoleon

History Challenge: Napoleon

Think you're an expert on the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars?

Test your knowledge of Napoleonic history in this fun, fast-paced and exciting history quiz written by a college history professor. Die-hard history buffs and those looking to learn more about the dramatic wars and politics of the French Revolution and Napoleonic era will delight in this challenging app. How much do you know about the statesmen, battles, generals, conflicts, and weapons of the Napoleonic Wars?

The full version of this app provides hundreds of engaging questions detailing the various military theaters, geography, personalities, literature, and politics of the era. A dynamic multiple choice engine and a time-based scoring system reward the player for quick answers. Historical quotes and images further immerse the player in the era of Napoleon. Each high quality question is a miniature history lesson! Take a further dive into history with a list of some of the most fascinating books from and about the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.

Perfect for history buffs, students, or just those looking to learn more about one of the most turbulent periods in world history, History Challenge: Napoleon will amaze and delight.

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